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Exciting News - Free Shipping

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Starting today we have some big changes to our shipping policy in store for you. From now on we are offering two ways to receive free domestic standard shipping on all of your future orders with Tico Coffee Roasters:

  1. All Orders over $35 will qualify for FREE SHIPPING!
  2. All Subscription orders come automatically with FREE SHIPPING!

If you are like us, and you love freedom from paying shipping, then we have you covered. Simply add $35 of coffee, tea and/or accessories into your cart, and we will ship it to you for free! And to make your life even easier, you can subscribe to your favorite coffee or tea and now get the benefits of convenience and free shipping right to your doorstep!

We want to give you the ultimate experience by providing you with the finest coffees and teas available in the market and nothing makes us happier than sharing those coffees and teas with you. 

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