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Tico Coffee Roasters now on Apple News

Are you a fan of the latest Technology? Then you might be already using iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad. If that is the case then you should check out the latest trend in news consumption - Apple News.

Read it on Apple News

News is pretty fantastic, as it allows you to customize and set up the News channels you want to check regularly without having to rely on any specific news provider for updates. News pulls from your favorite websites RSS feeds and repackages it all in an intuitive, newspaper and magazine-like format for easy browsing and reading.

The thing is, Apple doesn’t feature everyone in the featured section, so you might not have found the Tico Coffee Roasters News Channel. But if you want to stay up to date with Tico Coffee Roasters, now you can on Apple News by simply subscribing to the channel.

To find us is pretty simple. If you’re looking for specific sites, like Tico Coffee Roasters (of course you are looking for the latest coffee news!), then you just tap on that Search tab at the bottom and start typing in the name of your favorite sources - Tico Coffee Roasters. And from now on you have the latest from Tico right in your news feed.

You can also hit this link or the Apple News Icon above on your iPhone or iPad and subscribe right away to the Tico Coffee Roasters News.

When you Like a story, Apple’s News app will add that to its magical algorithms behind the scenes that, along with the articles you read and the channels in your Favorites list, will further customize what future posts you’ll see. If you tap and hold on any article in the For You section or individual channel pages, you’ll get a pop up menu that allows you to Like the story. You can also Like stories from the article page itself, with the little heart icon in the upper right.

Along with Liking a story, you can Share that story, Save it for offline reading, or Mute the whole Channel it’s a part of. You can’t dislike individual stories, however.

The Share option works just like hitting the Share button in an individual story. You’ll be able to send it along with Messages, Mail, Reminders, Notes, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you have enabled in your iOS device’s settings.

And if you find a story we publish so interesting that you want to come back over and over, saving the story will make it available all the time, even when you’re offline (heaven forbid!).

Simply tap the Saved bookmark tab along the bottom right, and you’ll see all the stories you saved. That’s also where you can see a list of all the stories you opened up. Just tap on the History tab at the top.

Enjoy reading the Tico Coffee Roasters News on your iOS 9 device!

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