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Looking for a dark roast? Follow the Black Tiger 🐅

Mariana Faerron Coffee

Black Tiger Coffee Blend at Tico Coffee Roasters

There are many tigers in the jungle… but, very rarely, a unique black tiger is born.

In nature, a black tiger is a rare color variant of the tiger and is not related to a distinct species. It is due to pseudo-melanism.

For us, our Black Tiger Dark Roast Blend is the result of research, ingenuity and the delivery of excellence and the highest quality product.

This is NOT a French Roast blend.


Because with French Roast the coffee beans will be very oily, will stale faster and will have that ashy and bitter flavors that we don’t want in a cup.

Instead, it is a Vienna Roast. A characteristic of this roast are the small oil spots on the beans which gives dark roasted coffee its distinguishable taste. This roast intensifies the character of each coffee from the different origins, as well as bringing out flavors that may remain hidden otherwise.

This is perhaps the most difficult roast level to master, just moments too long in the roaster will result in too much oil on the bean’s surface, and if the roast is finished seconds early no oil will appear.

Luckily for you, The Black Tiger is available year round. With notes of dark chocolate, light smokiness, black pepper and a full body, it will surely become your best bold friend!

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