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Almond Cake Green Tea Blend - Tico Coffee Roasters

Almond Cake Green Tea Blend

$ 10.00

We seek to invoke the anticipation of the holidays with this blend of festive greens. The traditional red of the peppercorns and the safflower is shining together with the classical gold of the orange slices and the "royal" leaves of the Chinese Sencha and Japanese Bancha!

Ingredients: green tea (80 %), orange slices, sliced almonds, flavoring, pink peppercorns, safflower

Package Size: 2.5 oz Tin (serves about 30 to 45 cups)

Steeping Suggestions:
Temperature: 176F to 194F
Time: 2 to 3 minutes
Measurement: 1 level teaspoon / 6 oz serving

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