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Sencha Decaf Green Tea - Tico Coffee Roasters

Sencha Decaf Green Tea

fruity, slightly tangy, mild


When the production methods and “know-how” for the production of classical Japanese teas was transferred to China some years ago, the demand for decaffeinated Sencha soon followed suit. This decaffeinated China Sencha will satisfy the desires of any green tea lover. Well-structured leaf, lemon-yellow in the cup, with a fruity, slightly tangy character and a mild and round bouquet.

Package Size: 1.75 oz Tin (serves about 30 to 45 cups)


decaffeinated green tea

Steeping Suggestion

Temperature: 176F to 194F
Time: 2 to 3 minutes
Measurement: 1 level teaspoons / 6 oz serving