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New features in July 2018 to the Tico Coffee Roasters Online Store

We constantly improve the Online Store to make your shopping experience better when you look for unique coffees and teas. In this months update we have added a few new features and improved a few things.

Starting from July 24:

  • Re-order from previous orders. We have no a more convenient way to re-order your favorite items. Just go to your account page and you can re-order a previous order with the click of a button. Also when you look at a summary page for a previous order we not have a reorder button to make it easy to buy the items again. The button will add the previous order in the shopping cart and take you to the cart. There you will be able to adjust the quantities or remove certain products.

Reorder Feature in the Account Overview
  • Persistent Shopping Cart when you switch devices. If you have created an account with Tico Coffee Roasters, you now can switch between devices and the shopping cart stays with you. So if you start your order on your computer but don't have time to finish you can pick right up on your mobile and finish there. All items will be in the cart and you will be ready to checkout.
  • Improved Shopping Experience. Previously when you added an item into the cart, we took you to the cart for checkout. We have now changed the behavior and now you will remain on the product page. Once you add an item to the cart you will be notified under the add to cart button that the item has been added and you can go to the cart or continue shopping. When you continue shopping we will take you the the last category so you can add additional products to your cart.
New Add to Cart Behaviour
  • Tico Coffee Roasters Mobile App now on Android. Are you using an Android Mobile Phone, then we have good news. We have made our Tico Coffee Roasters App now also available in the Google Play Store. Now you can shop your favorite coffees and teas right from your mobile phone or tablet no matter if you are an Apple iOS or Android user.
Tico Coffee Roasters Mobile App

To get the app on your phone just follow the link for your Mobile Phone below:

Tico Coffee Roasters App on the Apple App Store for iOS devices       Tico Coffee Roasters App on the Google Play Store

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