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Quest for the perfect coffee - Rwanda Kanazi

Coffee Direct Trade

In our quest for the perfect we found this outstanding Bourbon variety coffee in the Gisagara district in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Bourbon Kanazi coffee is sourced from small family owned farms that have organized themselves in the Abateraninkunga Cooperative located in the Gisagara district of Rwanda.

Bourbon coffee drying on raised beds in Rwanda

Abateraninkunga was established in 2010 and currently has 144 members, of which, 34 are women. The Abateraninkunga Cooperative processes coffee from farmers who cultivate about 560 coffee trees on average.

Wet Mill at the Abateraninkunga Cooperative

Cooperative members also participate in program aimed at assisting producers with preparation of fertilizers and farm management. The Abateraninkunga Cooperative also assists its members with medical insurance to cover the entire families healthcare needs.

Dried Rwanda Bourbon Kanazi coffee

Coffee Details:
Grower: Abateraninkunga Cooperative
Origin: Rwanda
Region: Gisagara District
Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1600 to 1800 meters
Processing Method: Fully washed and dried in raised beds

The Cup: This coffee is very floral on the nose and has an amazing flavor in the cup of honey, chocolate, grapefruit. The complexity in the cup is rounded out by the flavors of oranges and berries.

Cup profile: cranberry, cinnamon, pear rounded by the taste of chocolate and a honey sweetness

Suggested Preparation and Serving Methods:

Portafilter Stovetop Espresso Machine Ibrik Presspot Hario Aeropress
Espresso Cappuccino Latte Americano

How to get the Rwanda Kanazi?

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