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Roast Logging with Artisan Visual Scope for better Quality Control


UPDATE: We have since this post originally appeared, changed out roast logging system to Cropster and no longer use Artisan for roast logging. We keep this post in our blog as it is serving for several people as a good entry point how to implement a free roast logging solution.

We here at Tico Coffee Roasters have long been focusing on providing only the best coffees and most exclusive teas for a truly unique experience. All our coffees have been handcrafted since day one and we have kept a full roast log of every single roast to ensure consistency and the best possible quality of our coffee beans.

We are taking this now to a new level by adding a fully automated logging system to our roastery. We have been researching for quite a while to find the perfect system for our needs and have finally installed our brand new roast logging system based on the Artisan Visual Scope Software  created by Marko Luther in Munich, Germany. And it is truly just coincidence that our roast master is also from Munich, Germany

We chose the Artisan Visual Scope software for a few specific reasons that made really the difference. First it supports a wide variety of devices that can be connected. It allowed us not only to connect our production roaster, but also our lab equipment. In addition the software is easy to handle and allows our staff to quickly get familiar with it. And then finally the cost perspective. The Artisan solution is an open-source solution and not forcing us to use a cloud based interface, but allows us to store and keep our data locally.

In our roastery we have connected our lab roaster as well as our production roaster to the Artisan Visual Scope Software and now we are not only able to trace every single roast, but now we also can compare each single roast during the roasting process and ensure that every roast of a specific coffee bean is exactly the same.

For our Coffee Lab we have connected the Coffee Roaster Thermo Probe via a Phidget 1048 Temperature Sensor to the USB port of our Logging Computer. The Phidget is directly converting the temperature from the probe in a signal that can be picked up by the Artisan Visual Scope Software. Every single sample roast is tracked and after cupping the coffee sample the results are updated in the roast log so all data is stored in a single location.

Sample Roast Loggin with Artisan Visual Scope

Our production roaster is a CoffeePer San Franciscan Roaster with a Watlow control unit and there we had to select a slightly different setup. The Watlow control unit is connected through a B&B Electronic 485USBTB-2W RS485 to USB adaptor and from there to the USB port of our Logging Computer.

Connectivity of Artisan to a San Franciscan SF-6 Roaster

The installation and setup was quite simple and we are more than happy to share more details of our setup, if you are interested. Just drop us a note.

This setup allows us now to track every single roast and even compare it during the roast to our master profile. This is how we can ensure that every time our customers purchase a specific coffee it is consistent and the best possible roast for a truly unique experience.

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