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Brazil Brasis


In 1977 Dr. Flavio Pentagna Guimarães buys Fazenda São Lourenço with a big dream: to produce one of the best coffees in the world. Thus begins the story of Guima Café. Brasis and Santa Rita farms appeared in the sequence, both in the same region. Over time, they have built a solid culture, sustained by the commitment to continuous improvement, valuing employees, opportunities regardless of their gender, training and innovation. A commitment to show, every day, that it is possible to optimize operations and, at the same time, produce coffees with special nuances and with great care and dedication.

Fazenda Brasis houses a very special garden of exotic varieties of coffee and makes it something truly special.

The detailed look and the obstinacy for quality are characteristic of the women who manage Guima Café. Besides them, there is a diverse team, with complementary profiles and aligned values. They always believe in the strength of learning and in the discovery and implementation of new techniques. An innovative management approach, with the support of all the employees.

Região do Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin
  • Grower: Guima Café
  • Farm: Fazenda Brasis - São Mateus
  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Varjão de Minas, Cerrado de Minas
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo, Paraíso MG H 419-1, Bourbon, Red Catuaí IAC 144, Yellow Catuaí IAC 62, Sarchimor IAC 125 RN (IBC 12), Yellow Icatu, Yellow Bourbon, Catucaí, Red Bourbon, Arara, IPR 100, IPR 103
  • Altitude: 1000 meters
  • Processing Method: Natural, Pulped Natural and Fermented

Roast Level: Medium Roast Medium Roast

The Cup: A floral start on the nose as the coffee brings a melange of flavors in the cup. A smooth blend of cocoa nibs, milk chocolate, raisin fruits and molasses flavors combined with the sweetness of caramel, sugar cane and tropical fruits.

Cup profile: Caramelized Sugar, Spices, Cocoa

Brewing Suggestion
Stovetop Espresso
Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
Drip Filter
French Press
Café Latte
Café Americano

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