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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Canister - Tico Coffee Roasters


Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Canister

$ 58.50

This coffee mill is Hario's answer to the old fashioned coffee mill and provides perfect grinding control for your preferred brewing method. Ceramic conical burrs don't produce the heat that can adversely affect your coffee's essential oils, and have no metal odor and will never rust. Burrs easily adjust to produce a range of grind sizes, from superfine espresso to coarse for French press brewing.

The Mill's bottom open up like a traditional storage jar for easy access to the ground coffee. The base holds whole coffee beans, detaches and seals to store coffee and keep it fresh. The no-slip rubber base keeps the mill in place during grinding.


  • Dimensions: 4½" diam. x 7½" h
  • Capacity: 120g Ground coffee
  • Color: Brown
  • Materials: Steel (Body, Band, Latch, Shaft Stopper, Handle, Stopper, Grind Adjustment Nut), Stainless Steel (Shaft, Locking Screw), Ceramic (Burr), Soda-lime Glass (Glass Bowl), Cork (Cork Stopper), Wood (Handle Grip, Wooden Parts), Polypropylene (Lid, Washer), Silicone (Rubber Seal, Anti Slip Cover), Nylon (Blade Stopper)

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