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Las Segovias Water Processed Decaf

Las Segovias Water Processed Decaf

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The Las Segovias Water Processed Decaf is a fair-trade certified organic Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee (Swiss Water Process Decaffeination) that comes from small micro-lot farmers in Nicaragua. We have selected this coffee based on the quality and taste evaluations and this is one of the best decaffeinated coffees we have ever tasted from Nicaragua. A true gem!


Grower  Grower: Cooperativo de Las Segovias

Farm  Farm: Various small micro-lot farms

Region  Region: Estelí, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Cultivar  Cultivar: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

Altitude  Altitude: 1250 to 1800 meters

Processing Method  Processing Method: Fully washed and sun-dried, Water Decaffeination Process


Roast Level  Roast Level: Medium Roast  Medium Roast

Cup  Cup profile: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate

The Cup: This coffee is an outstanding Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated coffee from Nicaragua. The well-balanced flavor of cinnamon, vanilla, and chocolate tones combine beautifully and smoothly in a cup.

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