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Modern Latina Bookclub Anniversary Set - Tico Coffee Roasters

Modern Latina Bookclub Anniversary Set


We collaborated with Modern Latina to create a limited edition 15th Anniversary set that includes a Modern Latina Book Club coffee mug and 2 packages of Tico Coffee Roasters coffee, featuring Bella Vista Mayan Women from Chiapas, Mexico and Costa Rica Santa Lucia Patio Helsar. You will experience and learn how to taste coffee more in depth, like you do with wine, at the coffee tasting experience on November 21.

The Bella Vista, Mexico is a fully washed coffee which provides a very clean cup, balanced flavor of chocolate combined with notes of apple and a honey caramel sweetness.

The Santa Lucia Patio Helsar, Costa Rica is a natural processed coffee that has soft flavors of vanilla and chocolate in the cup. Roasted peanuts and concord grapes flavors smoothen the experience. A hint of bittersweet chocolate shines through at the end for a long lasting finish.

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