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Santa Lucia Coffee Set - Tico Coffee Roasters

Santa Lucia Coffee Set

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Discover the flavors of Finca Santa Lucia in Costa Rica in this unique Santa Lucia Coffee Set. In this coffee set we have combined two coffees from the same lot of Finca Santa Lucia that were processed in two different ways, with the Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea that is coming from the coffee fruits from the same farm. This is an amazing way to discover the variety this farm has to offer.

Santa Lucia Cama Sarchi was dried in African beds in the farm of his father in the neighboring town of Sarchi.

Santa Lucia Patio Helsar was sun dried on the patio in the Helsar Micro Mill in Zarcero right here the coffee if grown.

Santa Lucia Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea is produced in a facility at Finca Santa Lucia dedicated to producing cascara. The process is enclosed to create the most sanitary conditions. After the coffee is depulped, the cherry skins are washed with clean water and then go through a vaporizing chamber that heats them very fast and very hot to kill any potential bacteria. After this cleaning process, the skins are put into a large dehydrator to remove all the moisture.

Package Size: Two 12 oz (340 g) bags of coffee and one 4 oz (113 g) bag of Cascara Tea


Santa Lucia Cama Sarchi is well composed with a fruity smell that has honey and sweet-floral notes which then develop into a complex and juicy cup with flavors of prunes, red grapes and cashew fruit that are well balanced with the taste of roasted almonds for a creamy and juicy mouthfeel.

Santa Lucia Patio Helsar is a balanced coffee has soft flavors of vanilla and chocolate in the cup. Roasted peanuts and concord grapes flavors smoothen the experience. A hint of bittersweet chocolate shines through at the end for a long lasting finish.

Santa Lucia Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea is a fruity and complex coffee cherry tea. A perfect alternative to black coffee. A sweet fusion of raspberry, raisins, orange along with honey and subtle green tea undertones.

Steeping Suggestion

Santa Lucia Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

Temperature: 203F to 212F
Time: 4 minutes
Measurement: 12 g (0.4 oz) / 12 oz serving

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