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Visiting the coffee farms several times a year.
Controlling the quality during the processing and drying.
Ensuring smooth coffees during cupping sessions in origin countries.
Direct Trade - a partnership for success.
Organic coffees at Helsar de Zarcero.
Partnering for quality with Juan Ramon Alvarado.
One big coffee family with the Aguilera Brothers.

We have specialized in bringing only the best coffees and the finest teas from the producing countries around the world and we are craft roasting sustainable, exclusive and unique direct trade boutique coffees in very small batches guaranteeing product freshness and consistency. Tico Coffee Roasters started in 2010 and the very different heritage and skill-sets that we bring with us are the perfect ingredients to provide a truly unique experience to the coffee and tea lovers in the Bay Area.

Latest News

Latest NewsYou have asked us to bring our truly unique coffees and teas to local supermarkets, and we have listened to you. A special selection of our direct trade boutique coffees and teas is now available at Gene's find foods in Saratoga.more ...

Coffee of the Month

Coffee of the MonthLa Peña is coming from the Beneficio Ecologico Puente Tarrazu in Costa Rica, which is a coop operated micro mill owned by 6 farmers high up in the mountains in the Leon Cortez district of the Tarrazu region.more ...

Tea of the Month

Tea of the MonthA lively, fresh and fruity taste thanks to appetizing pineapple, a hint of cream, as well as a dash of fine coconut aroma are the secrets of this very delicious tea variety.more ...

Coffee Brewing and Tea Steeping Tips

Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea with our simple to follow step-by-step brewing and steeping tips. We will show you what you need to make a perfect cup and have some special tips for you to make every single cup a unique experience.more ...