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Costa Rica, 200 years of peace

This year we commemorate one of the most important milestones in the history of Costa Rica: the celebration of 200 years of independence!

From humble beginnings, the men and women of Costa Rica chose freedom, progress, and unity. This lead to building a nation that is peaceful, multicultural, forward-thinking, hard-working, happy, and a leader in the region.

Although we were the last Central American Province to know about the wonderful news of independence, once the official letter arrived, people didn’t think twice to organize a government and look for avenues to create income and opportunities.

What does coffee have to do with this? Everything. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to start with this industry. Coffee plants and free land were given to families who wanted to cultivate this crop as a way to start our economy and catapult our exports to Europe.

This created the development of infrastructure and roads from the coffee-growing areas to the ports.

Wise choices and hard work paid off. Today we can enjoy a place of opportunities, access to education, and health care. A place with the most exuberant nature and breathtaking landscapes.

To celebrate, all coffees from Costa Rica are 15% off* on September 15, 2021, only.

Happy Bicentennial, Costa Rica!

*The discount is applied automatically and can’t be combined with other discounts.


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