Environmental and Social Responsibility

Ecological responsibility is the duty of businesses to prevent and alleviate the environmental damage that may be caused by their commercial activities. Since its founding, Tico Coffee Roasters has maintained a commitment to ecological responsibility and sustainability. As a result, over 75% of our coffees and teas are Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or some combination of all three. We support all of these certifications and believe strongly in an inclusive approach to buying that accommodates the true diversity of growing conditions. We also believe everyone can make an impact in protecting our environment. As a result, we have launched initiatives that make our business carbon neutral.

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Tico Coffee Roasters follows these principles:

  • Quality leads to sustainability; to ensure quality, the necessary premiums must be paid to every participant in the supply chain.
  • Each type of certification is a testament to the improved conditions in which a coffee is produced, thus increasing the likelihood of a quality yield.
  • An inclusive, informed approach to sourcing coffee and tea that embraces certified coffees and teas, estate coffees and teas, and select cooperative coffees guarantees access to quality coffees and teas from a wide range of growing regions.
  • Offsetting carbon with efficient monitoring and verifying is a key element in protecting our environment. 

Corporate social responsibility is cemented in Tico Coffee Roasters’ DNA because we believe deeply in making the world a better place. As we continue to grow, we have a responsibility to commit additional resources to maximize the positive impact of our products. At Tico Coffee Roasters, we have long held the conviction that we can be both a great business and a great corporate citizen. In fact, we believe we cannot be one without the other.

What can Tico Coffee Roasters do to reduce our carbon footprint and address the urgent climate crisis?

We are one of the few e-commerce brands to offset 100% of our carbon emissions from shipping. This achievement is the result of an effort to measure our global footprint in accordance with international certification standards, coupled with efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

For every item we ship, we balance it with a positive environmental impact. The total environmental impact of getting your favorite Tico Coffee Roasters products to your door is completely neutralized. This benefit comes at no additional cost to our customers, and it gives them the satisfaction of knowing that shopping at Tico Coffee Roasters makes a positive impact on the planet.

In addition to make order shipping carbon neutral we are planting 2 trees with every order over $20 starting September 1, 2023. The Trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in partnership with thegoodapi.com.

Eden Reforestation Projects “Eden” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides restoration and community development through nature-based solutions to climate change. By working directly with local communities, Eden empowers them with sustainable livelihood options to restore their natural environment. This is a key part of ensuring that communities benefit from the landscapes they depend upon in a sustainable manner.

Currently, Eden has 273 project sites across 10 project nations in Africa, Asia, and America. Eden employs over 12,270 individuals in underserved regions who are actively restoring over 75,475 hectares of land. By working directly with local communities, Eden empowers them with sustainable livelihood options to restore their natural environment.

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Tico Coffee Roasters has embarked on several other initiatives to support its long-held commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. These initiatives are an investment that benefit the business as well as the environment and local communities.

These practices include:

  • Purchasing more than 50% of our coffee as direct trade coffee, typically paying double the fair trade price, to support the producer communities.
  • Annual certification for compliance in proper handling and storage of Rainforest Alliance coffees.
  • An extensive recycling program for both office and warehouse.
  • Sustainable packaging that uses compostable, recycled, and reusable materials.
  • A compost program that incorporates 100% of chaff and coffee grounds.
  • The donation of jute and burlap coffee bags to area gardeners for reuse.
  • Preventing waste by allowing local community members to recover surplus food and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are released when food ends up in landfill through our partnership with Too Good To Go.

When a Tico Coffee Roasters package arrives at your door, you get something you love, and you’re proud that you’re taking a small step as part of a larger effort to make a big change in the world.

If we all do our part by changing our daily habits, making sustainable swaps, supporting companies that care about their impact on the Earth, and advocating for the future we deserve, we can effect real change in the world.