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New and Improved Tico Roasters Mobile app

We are super excited to announce that we just released a brand new version of our Tico Roasters mobile app.

This new version brings you a new streamlined user experience and makes it easier to navigate our mobile app. We have also added some exciting brand new features in this update.

New Tico Roasters Mobile App

New and improved way to manage your account directly in the app

You can now change your account password and address as well as your account profile in the app.

Manage your coffee and tea subscriptions directly from the app

If you have a subscription for coffee or tea or want to subscribe to recurring deliveries, all that can now be done in the app.

Wishlist to save your popular coffees and teas so you can easily find them later

New feature to save your favorite coffees, teas, and accessories into a wishlist and come back later when you are ready to order. You can access your wishlist directly from the home screen so it is always right at your fingertips.

Access our Golden Beans Rewards program directly from the app

If you have an account with us, you are automatically part of our Golden Beans program. And now you can check your accumulated beans and your rewards right in the app. And if you have an award waiting for you, you can directly apply it to your next order right from the app.

Easier and faster checkout

We have improved the checkout experience. Once you have all that you want to order in your shopping cart, you can check out on a single page.

View and keep track of your orders and shipments

All your orders are now in a new My Orders section in our app. You will see everything you have ever ordered with us, as well as the status of you past orders.

Our app now speaks English and Spanish

If you prefer to have your app in another language we now have a solution for you. You can now choose between English or Spanish as your language for the app. On the first start you will be asked to select your preferred language and if you decide later you want to change, you can change it anytime in the app settings.

Choose your local currency when making a purchase

If you are not based in the US and do not want to have prices in USD we now have also the ability to show you prices in your local currency. Simply change your current in the Settings of the app, and all product prices will be converted to your favorite currency.

And you can purchase Tico Coffee Roasters coffees, teas, and accessories directly from our app using Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay or any credit or debit card.

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Update or Install Today!

If you already have our Tico Roasters Mobile App installed on your mobile device, just go to the app store and update the app to the latest version. If you do not have our app yet, click on the App Store logo below and get it onto your mobile device.

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