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New Golden Beans Rewards Program

Rewarding you is our favorite thing to do! With the new Golden Beans Rewards program you will get rewarded for all the things you already do.

Earning Points with Golden Beans Rewards

Golden Beans are given only to registered accounts, but don’t worry we give you Golden Beans just for signing up. These Golden Beans can be redeemed for vouchers that are applied to your order at checkout. These coupons are valid for one purchase. 

When you share your referral code with a friend they will be asked to register for the program. Once they register they will get a 10% discount they can use to purchase. As soon as they make a purchase you will be awarded your referral Golden Beans! 

If you do other amazing things like stocking up on coffee, tea or accessories, sharing our website on Facebook or Twitter or if you like us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we will send Golden Beans your way as well!

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