Quest for the perfect coffee - Costa Rica Santa Lucia - Tico Coffee Roasters

Quest for the perfect coffee - Costa Rica Santa Lucia

The Helsar Micro Mill is located in the West Valley on a high ridge in the area of Alajuela, in the coffee areas of both Zarcero and Naranjo. They grow 100% Arabic coffee varieties at an altitude from 1650 to 1800 meters (5400 feet to 5900 feet) above sea level.

Organic Coffee Growing Practices at Finca Santa Lucia

The well-known micro mill has been providing highest quality for several years. Nine years ago, Ricardo Perez, Marvin Rodriguez and Phillip Rodriguez opened the micro mill in the Llano Bonito de Naranjo microregion so they could provide traceability and quality processing for their own coffee crops.

Partnering for the perfect coffee - Tico Coffee Roasters and Helsar de Zarcero

Helsar became the center of the micro milling movement in Llano Bonito de Naranjo by enabling small producers to produce higher quality coffees and achieve higher prices for their coffee beans. The mill has worked with ten farmers, providing education and cupping opportunities in order to improve the coffee year after year. 

Coffee drying on patios at Finca Santa Lucia

The coffee from Finca Santa Lucia is grown and processed by Ricardo Perez Barrantes. Ricardo has great understanding of the effects the pulping, fermentation, and drying process has on their coffee. His willingness to work closely with the roasters who buy his coffee coupled with his skill as a processor allows him to present them with fabulous coffees.

Don Ricardo proudly crafts for Tico Coffee Roasters

Organic fertilizer is made on site from the coffee cherry pulp combined with molasses, mined zinc, boron, and other minerals. Microorganisms are cultured from soil collected on nearby mountains and added to the natural fertilizer in order to provide disease protection for the coffee plants.

Shade grown coffee at Finca Santa Lucia

Coffee Details

Farm: Finca Santa Lucia at Helsar de Zarcero Micro Mill
Origin: Costa Rica
Region: West Valley
Varietal: Caturra & Catuai
Altitude: 1650-1800 meters
Processing Method: Fully washed & sun dried

The Cup: The well composed and balanced sweet clean cup has caramel-toffee notes and sweet-floral and citrus notes with a dark chocolate finish. It provides a crisp complex fruit acidity along with a round, creamy and juicy mouthfeel.
Cup profile: soft, round with caramel overtones, flowers, tangerine like citrus soften towards a dark chocolate in the aroma and cup

Suggested Preparation and Serving Methods: 

Espresso 4 star Coffee Machine 4 star Stovetop 3 star Iberia 3 star French Press 4 star Drip Filter 4 star AeroPress 4 star

Espresso 4 star Cappuccino 4 star Latte 4 star Regular Coffee 4 star

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