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We are making Shipping Carbon Neutral

Staying true with our values and our philosophy, we want to do our part to reduce the impact our business has on climate change. 

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Pachama which allows us to neutralize the shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. What that means for you, you are now supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping with your order at Tico Coffee Roasters.

We are offsetting the total emissions generated by our shipped orders and offset them by contributing to acquiring carbon credits for forest protection initiatives to neutralize the impact.

Currently we are supporting the Jari Pará REDD+ Project which ensures forest conservation and reduction of potential greenhouse gas emissions, based on a model of local economic development that protects approximately 500,000 hectares of standing tropical forest in the Almeirim area, State of Pará, Brazil.

Jarí Para REDD+ Impact Chart

Jari Pará REDD+ (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) project is a partnership between Biofílica and Jari Group. This project provides shelter to more than 2400 flora and fauna species. The area plays an important socio-environmental role in the region as it serves as home for hundreds of rural families, also it forms an ecological corridor with several conservation units in its surroundings with a rich biodiversity, diverse plant formations and species of ecological and social importance. Through actions that encourage the responsible exploration of natural resources, the project promotes the conservation of natural resources, coupled with socioeconomic development focusing on sustainable business chains to improve the well-being of communities as a result of project activities.

Other Project Development Goals

You can read more about the project and environmental impact here.

For those who want to dive deeper into the documentation the details and validation of the carbon project can be found at Verra.

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