Roast Level Indicator

Don't know which roast level to choose? We are here to help!

This classification system is meant to be a starting point, but it should not be the only decision factor when deciding what to buy. Let’s take a quick look at how these levels can help you make a great choice the next time you’re wanting to find a new coffee to try.

  • Light Brown Color
  • No Oil on Surface
  • Distinct Coffee Beans
  • Medium Brown Color
  • Slightly Sweeter than Light Roast
  • Balanced Flavor, Aroma and Acidity
  • Rich darker color with some Oil on the surface
  • Bittersweet Aftertaste
  • Flavor and Aroma emerge, Acidity disapears
  • Shiny Black Color with oily surface
  • Significant amount of bitterness
  • Original flavor disappeared and flavor of Roasting dominates

As you can see, there are a wealth of options when it comes to choosing delicious coffees. At the end of the day, there’s no single correct answer - it all comes down to finding what you like. We recommend checking out our Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription, a unique subscription in which we deliver some of our most popular direct trade, single origin, organic and fair trade coffees and blends directly to your door at an interval and quantity you choose.