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Thomas Goepel

Thomas Goepel

Thomas Goepel is the Head of Roasting and Quality and Co-Founder of Tico Coffee Roasters. He prides himself in only sourcing boutique coffee and the finest tea from growers that practice sustainable agriculture and environment friendly farming techniques from various regions all over the world.

Thomas grew up in Europe in a small farming town close to the Bavarian Alps and since his early days has been championing environmental sustainable as well as social responsible practices.

In his role as the master roaster, Thomas oversees the daily roasting operation and process and works closely with the staff at Tico Coffee Roasters who have been personally trained by him to craft roast the unique coffees in small batches by hand. Daily cuppings (tastings) help him to maintain consistent quality standards. Thomas is also a cupping judge at the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, who has specialized in achieving the highest quality coffee standards in the coffee producing countries.

Thomas is the green coffee and tea buyer for Tico Coffee Roasters and maintains close relationships with the growers and importers, continuously monitoring the product quality to ensure Tico Coffee Roasters is only sourcing the best coffees and teas.

Thomas grew up in Munich, Germany and has spent most of his professional career in engineering and in various entrepreneurial ventures. He has been a coffee lover all his life and when he met his wife Mariana in Costa Rica, he could finally fulfill his dream to make his passion for coffee his profession.