Preventing food waste

We dream of a planet with no food waste. Every day, unsold food from your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, cafés, and shops goes to waste simply because it isn’t sold in time. This is why we have partnered with Too Good To Go to make a difference.


Preventing food waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are released when food ends up in a landfill. Additionally, recovering surplus food increases access to nutritious food for members of our community.

Customer picking up a Too Good To Go bag

With Too Good To Go you can save food from the restaurants, cafes and stores that are on the app. Instead of having to throw away food at the end of the day, these places offer what they have in Surprise Bags. You can buy a Surprise Bag in the app and then go to the store to collect it, the actual contents will be a surprise until you get there! You get great food at great value while also helping fight food waste! To find what Surprise Bags are available near you, just use the app to search and then you buy it through the app. You'll be given a pick-up time and then you just need to turn up and show the staff your order in the app. More than 1/3 of food is wasted so you're doing a great thing and hopefully having a bit of fun while you do it!

If you want to contribute in avoiding food waste check out the TooGoodToGo app and join the movement. You will find the Tico Coffee Roasters Surprise bags in the app as they become available.

About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is the certified B-Corp and tech-for-good company powering the world’s #1 marketplace for surplus food. The app connects consumers to extra food that would otherwise be thrown away from local restaurants, cafes, bakeries and grocery stores, such as pastries, fresh produce, sushi and more. Too Good To Go provides a simple way for food businesses to redirect their surplus, and consumers to help fight climate change in a fun, delicious way. Founded in 2016, Too Good To Go has saved over 12I’m 7 million meals across 17 countries, which is the equivalent to 508 million pounds of food. Visit for more information and follow Too Good To Go on instagram, facebook and twitter.