Apple Pay coming to the Tico Coffee Roasters online store - Tico Coffee Roasters

Apple Pay coming to the Tico Coffee Roasters online store

As you might have heard in todays announcement from Apple, Apple Pay for Safari will be released on September 13. And we have exciting news to share with you about making your shopping experience at Tico Coffee Roasters more convenient. 

Pay with Apple Pay Banner

Apple Pay is coming to our online store on September 13 and will allow you to pay easily and securely through our website. With Apple Pay, you will be able to check out from your online store using Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

When you visit our online store after September 13, you will see a button with the Apple Pay logo on the checkout page:

Buy with Apple Pay Button

If you click the button, you will see the shipping rates for your selection, as well as the shipping address that you have loaded into Apple Pay. You will be asked to use your fingerprint to authenticate the purchase on your phone. After you finish the authentication, the purchase is complete.

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