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We at Tico Coffee Roasters craft roast sustainable, exclusive and unique Grand Cru coffees in very small batches and import the finest teas guaranteeing product freshness and consistency. Driven by a passion for excellence, we have specialized in bringing only the best coffees and teas directly from the producing countries. Because we are a boutique roaster, we have the liberty to choose from the best Arabica green coffees and the world's finest teas for a truly unique experience.

Mariana FaerronWe started Tico Coffee Roasters in 2010 out of the dream to provide a unique coffee and tea experience to the coffee and tea lovers in the Bay Area. We, the two owners of Tico Coffee Roasters, have a very different heritage and skillsets that we bring with us. Combined they are the perfect ingredients for a specialty coffee and tea business.

Mariana grew up in the province of Heredia in the heart of the coffee lands in Costa Rica surrounded by coffee plantations. She has built her career in Costa Rica as an Agricultural Economist before she moved to the US.

Her partner and husband Thomas grew up in Germany and has spent most of his career in engineering. This comes in very handy for the craftsmanship of roasting coffee.

About Tico Coffee Roasters

Tico Coffee Roasters is named to honor the heritage of Costa Rican coffee growers and to reflect the origins of Mariana and her love for coffee. The word Tico is a colloquial term that is used for a native of Costa Rica.

Direct TradeTico Coffee Roasters coffees and teas are smooth, daring, and unforgettable. Whether your tastes run from the classic to the exotic, we've got the perfect cup for you. All our coffees come from small coffee farms and have to go through extensive quality control. Our direct trade relationship with the farmers ensures the coffee growers get their fair profit and can successfully conduct a sustainable business. We deliver our coffees daily fresh roasted.

For our teas we only acquire raw materials of the highest quality and they are refined exclusively in Hamburg, Germany. We sell these boutique coffees and teas through our Tico Coffee Roasters Online Store and select fine retailers.

Our Vision and Mission

We exist to offer a truly unique experience that empowers, protects and nourishes life from farm to cup.

Our values

  • Passion for customers
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Uncompromised Integrity

Our philosophy

As a responsible corporate citizen, Tico Coffee Roasters aims to link people, nature and technology in an environmentally sustainable way.

Tico Coffee Roasters is a certified green business by the California Green Business Network and a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of the Americas, the Good Food Merchants Guild and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence which manages the Cup of Excellence® program. We have partnered with Pachama and earthbanc to do our part in reducing the worlds carbon footprint.

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