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Holiday Blend is Here! Cranberry, Chocolate, Holiday Spices

Holiday Blend 2021 at Tico Coffee Roasters

Every year when fall is approaching, we are working on our Holiday Blend for the year. We always look to make it the most special blend of the year as well all celebrate and get our loved ones together for that special moment.

Most of the years, we have blended coffees from different continents to achieve that balanced and festive flavor. But this year we are doing something special and are using only coffees from Latin America!

The 2021 Holiday blend is a melange of coffees from Brazil, Mexico, and Costa Rica, with both washed and natural processing methods. This combination allowed us to combine the sweetness from the chocolate, with the sweet and tart flavors of cranberries... like jam! And a final touch of flavors of holiday spices like cinnamon and cloves makes this a very festive cup!  

This year we decided to add something special and make it a Holiday Blend with a cause. For every bag of the Holiday Blend that you buy from us, we will donate $1 to the San Jose City Team. And we will double that donation by matching your donation for every bag of Holiday Blend with an additional $1. 

City Team is working on restoring lives and rebuilding communities in San Jose through innovative programs which provide food, shelter, clothing, training, and spiritual transformation. So not only will the Holiday Blend make you smile while you enjoy your cup, but you are also giving a smile to someone else in need.

For all your cozy moments. For that time with family and friends. During your holiday trip. This blend is crafted with love to celebrate togetherness this holiday season.

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