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Hunt for the best tea - Tuscan Dream

This time our hunt for the perfect tea takes us to Tuscany, Italy. What a better place to be for the spring. Everything is blooming around us like the ingredients in this outstanding tea. We found a tea that is like a flower bouquet, fragrant and packed with lots of health benefits - A Tuscan Dream.

This tea is beautifully attractive to the eyes with its has many different and colorful blossoms: lavender, mallow, orange, linden, rose petals and melissa and sweet blackberry leaves. And the aroma is delicate and soothing!

Benefits of the various ingredients in the Tuscan Dream

Melissa - also known as lemon balm - is used to soothe tension, cure toothache, skin eruptions. It helps against bronchial inflammation, earache, headaches, high bold pressure. It soothes menstrual cramps and relieves PMS.

You might have some lavender decorating your garden and it’s amazing what this flower can do for you health. It’s scent is excellent to eliminate nervous tension and anxiety. It relieves pain, disinfect the scalp and skin. It is often use as a treatment for insomnia and to regulate heart rate. It relaxes your muscles, help against rheumatism and joint pain.

Orange blossoms combat insomnia and menstrual cramps. Malva is a very good aid for asthmas and bronchitis, coughing and throat infections. The same is with mallow, that has been recommended on the treatment of respiratory problems.

Linden tree reduces nasal congestion and has sedative effects that reduce nervous palpitations and high blood pressure produced by stress. It also has diuretic and astringent effects.

Last but not least, rose petals provide hydration and soothing to skin.

And this tea brings all of this in a single cup. With a perfect blend of apple pieces, sliver linden tree blossoms, melissa leaves, lavender blossoms, rose petals, sweet blackberry leaves, orange blossoms and mallow blossoms, this tea is a wonderful aid for many different discomforts and, the best thing, it is visually beautiful, aromatic and with a soft delicious taste!!

A Tuscan Dream - The Hills of Tuscany

Steeping the perfect cup

To make the Tuscan Dream Tea, heat water between 205 F and 210 F and use about 1 level teaspoon of tea per cup (if you want the flavor a little stronger you can use 2 teaspoons). Steep the tea for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy how te colors unfold in the cup and release the fragrance of Tuscany in the spring.

Where to get the Tuscan Dream

We have been looking for a long time to find the ingredients to make this dream and we finally found then and brought them together in this tea. Add yours to your shopping cart now!

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