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Aeropress Brewing Guide

Aeropress Brewing Guide

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The AeroPress is a fast, easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee. The key for getting the best results with an AeroPress are: using high quality, fresh beans; grinding the coffee correctly; using clean equipment; using the right temperature of water; plunging correctly.

What you need

Water-Coffee Ratio

 Amount of Coffee Amount of Water
0.6 oz / 17 g 4 oz / 100 ml

Grinder Settings

Baratza Grinder Grinder Settings







Vario Ceramic



Step One – Grinding the Coffee

It is important that the coffee is ground to medium, as this will allow a slower and more even extraction, which will result in a fuller bodied and more nuanced cup.

Step Two – Putting the Brewer together

Place the plunger inside the brewing tube with the black rubber part touching the bottom of the number 4 circle. The numbers on the AeroPress should be upside down.

Step Three – Rinsing the Filter and pre-heating the AeroPress

Place the AeroPress filter inside the black filter cap and run hot water through the filter to rinse out any residual paper flavor. Fill the brewer with hot water to preheat and carefully pour it out after a few seconds.

Step Four – Adding Coffee and Initial Pour

We recommend 0.6 oz. (17 grams) or one rounded AeroPress scoop of fresh ground coffee per brew. The water should just be brought to a boil at 200°F (93°C) and then let cool for about 45 seconds. Start the timer (set to one minute) and pour just enough water (about 2 oz. / 50ml) into the brewer to saturate the grounds and bring the level of the coffee up to about the top of the circle number 3.

Step Five – Stirring the Coffee and Final Pour

Use the AeroPress paddle to quickly stir the grounds into the water making sure there are no dry spots and add additional water (2 oz. / 50ml) to bring the total level to just above the circle number 2.

Step Six – Adding the Filter and Turning the AeroPress

Place the rinsed filter assembly on top of the brewer and screw it tight. At one minute, carefully turn the brewer to a 45° angle and gently spin it for about 10 seconds to softly mix the coffee.

Step Seven – Plunging and Diluting the Coffee

Quickly and carefully completely flip the brewer onto the top of a mug and begin to plunge the AeroPress. Use steady gentle pressure and allow 15 to 25 seconds to finish. Stop as soon as the first hiss of air is escaping from the AeroPress. Carefully flip the brewer back upright and dilute the brew to taste with additional hot water. We recommend a 50/50 dilution.

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