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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural

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This coffee is produced by Bekele Dukale and processed as a separate lot at the Worka Cooperative where Bekele Dukale is a member. The Worka cooperative is located in the southern district of Gedeb in the Gedeo Zone within the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia.

Ripe cherries for this natural processed coffee were carefully hand-sorted and floated to remove less dense coffee beans. Next, the cherries were dried on raised beds for 15 to 20 days and turned regularly to avoid over-fermentation and mold. Raised beds are carefully constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control, for optimal drying. Cherries were covered during the afternoons to prevent harsh drying in the intense sun. Once the cherries finished drying to 11 percent moisture, they were transported to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to be milled and prepared for export.

Bekele Dukale is part of the single-producer project developed by the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU). The project was initiated in 2012 with a handful of ‘Model’ producers from cooperatives organized under the YCFCU umbrella who have been willing to work with a rigorous set of processing standards, regular farm visits from coffee roasters, and higher cup qualifications. In exchange, producers earn higher quality premiums based on the sale of their individual lots. The popularity of the single-producer project has led to increased participation and an opportunity to showcase more coffee from the growing numbers of small and talented producers who continue to work in the cooperative system.


Grower  Grower: Bekele Dukale

Farm  Farm: Worka Chelbesa Bekele

Region  Region: Gotiti, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Cultivar  Cultivar: Indigenous heirloom

Altitude  Altitude: 1900 to 2200 meters

Processing Method  Processing Method: Fully washed and dried on raised beds


Roast Level  Roast Level: Medium Light Roast Medium Light Roast

Cup  Cup profile: blueberry, chocolate-covered strawberries

The Cup: This coffee has a very sweet aroma. The cup has an amazingly complex combination of blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and chocolate like a chocolate-covered strawberry. An outstanding super sweet and fruity cup from Ethiopia.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Arielle M.
Fantastic single origin

Great! Very tasty bean.

David Z.
Have Not tried it Yet

I just bought another 5 bags of various coffees.I am constantly trying the new varieties made available to me and have rarely found one that I do not like. Some I prefer to others, Like, La Minita and Cachoeira.

Jimmy C.
Simply Amazing

Haven't had a bad order from Taco yet, and this one in particular was exquisite. They seem to always deliver the best products on the market


Perfect balance between fruit and sandalwood flavors and acidity. A very impressive and smooth drink... not burnt flavor in this coffee... perfectly roasted