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Tico Coffee Roasters

Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon

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The Flying Dragon blend is our special blend for coffee connoisseurs who prefer a strong bold cup. The coffee is balanced out with dark chocolate tones and some hints of roasted nuts.


Grower  Grower: Various growers

Farm  Farm: Various farms

Region  Region: Brazil, Indonesia

Cultivar  Cultivar: Acaia, Acauã, Catiguá MG1, Mundo Novo, Paraiso, Red Catuai, Topazio, Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor, Typica

Altitude  Altitude: 1000 to 1400 meters

Processing Method  Processing Method: Natural and Wet Hulled


Roast Level  Roast Level: Medium Dark Roast  Medium Dark Roast

Cup  Cup profile: Earthy, Dark Chocolate, Light Smokiness, Full Body

The Cup: This coffee is a well-balanced blend of chocolate and nut flavors with some herbal-ness and earthy undertones and is rounded by a strong body.

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