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Hunt for the best tea - Jasmin Dragon Pearl

Our hunt for the perfect tea takes us this time to China to find a very unique rarity - Jasmin Dragon Pearl tea. This tea grows in the Southeast mountains of China. Only the most delicate and youngest leaves of the finest teas are used to form the basis of this precious tea. It can be made with green, oolong or black tea, but in our case we use green tea.

Jasmin Dragon Pearl growing in China

The tea leaves are harvested in the early spring and stored until the late summer when jasmine flowers are in blooming. Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept in a cool environment until the night when they open and this is the time when they release the fragrance. At exactly this point they are mixed with the tea leaves. This process is repeated up to 6 times until the fragrance has been absorbed by the tea. Then, they are sieved and rolled by hand into small pearls. The result is a tea that’s sweet and extremely fragrant!

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

  1. It helps with weight management. Green tea has high levels of catechins, which are associated with a variety of benefits like fat oxidation and and resistant to DLD to oxidation, and accelerates metabolism.
  2. Soothing effect. The fragrant and delicate aroma of jasmine has a relaxing effect in body and mind, helps regulate insulin levels and blood pressure.
  3. It hydrates the skin. For many years essential oils have been use in the cosmetic industry. jasmine extracts help balance moisture and elasticity and reduce dry skin.

Steeping the perfect cup

To make the Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea, heat water at 190 F and use about 4 pearls per cup (depending of how strong you want the flavor). Steep the tea for 3 minutes and enjoy looking at the pearls as they unfold and release their soothing fragrance.

A good quality jasmine tea should be light and clean, with a delicate and fine perfume in the aroma and taste.

Looking for Jasmin Dragon Pearl tea?

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