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Limited Edition! Santa Lucia Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Santa Lucia Anaerobic Fermentation Coffee at Tico Coffee Roasters

This coffee from Finca Santa Lucia is grown and processed by Don Ricardo Perez and his daughter Mariana. Our long-lasting partnership allowed us to collaborate to work on this exclusive lot ONLY found at Tico Coffee Roasters.

Something crucial and the beginning of quality are the farm practices. Ricardo and Mariana have the heritage and knowledge of generations growing superb coffees in the West Valley region of Costa Rica. The meticulous harvesting and processing procedures make this coffee the result of dedication.

They are deeply committed to preserving the environment and growing organic coffees and, at the same time, keeping part of their farm untouched to allow the native species to thrive.

Unlike aerobic fermentation (the normal process for washed coffees), where beans are processed entirely outside; anaerobic fermentation processing is where coffee is fermented in an artificially created environment where air/oxygen is not present, typically using large airtight tanks (usually stainless steel).

How is it done? The coffee cherries are milled to remove the skin and some of the mucilage (similar to honey processing), then placed inside sealed tanks where, over the course of up to several days, the mucilage of the cherry is broken down through organic fermentation. The cherries begin to release CO2 and heat as pressure builds inside the tanks — some of which is allowed to release through one-way valves. Water is added when necessary to keep fermentation from overheating. This is very similar to beer and wine-making.

In this oxygen-deprived environment, only certain non-oxygen reliant microorganisms can get to work, turning the natural sugars into acids and ethyl alcohol — imparting a deep and unique flavor profile on the beans. After fermentation is complete, the beans spend several weeks carefully drying.

Mariana Perez overseeing coffees drying at the Santa Lucia farm

Mariana Perez took the lead to oversee this project and the result is outstanding! We couldn’t be happier to shine the light on her and to reiterate our commitment to women's empowerment in the coffee lands.

This micro-lot has notes of Apricot, black cherry, dried fig, prune, wine, and a lingering sweetness that creates the perfect aftertaste.

This coffee is a limited edition lot, that is only available at Tico Coffee Roasters.

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