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Eco Responsibility

Eco Responsibility

Since the start, Tico Coffee Roasters has maintained a commitment to sustainability and as a result, over 75% of our coffees and teas are Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or some combination of all three. We support each of these three certifications and believes strongly in an inclusive approach to buying that accommodates the true diversity of growing conditions. We also believe everyone can make an impact in protecting our environment and as such we have taken on initiatives that make our business carbon neutral.

Tico Coffee Roasters is following these principles:

  • Quality leads to sustainability; to ensure quality the necessary premiums must be paid.
  • Each type of certification has value and is a testament to the improved conditions in which a certified coffee is produced, thus increasing the chances of a quality yield.
  • An inclusive, informed approach to sourcing coffee and tea that embraces certified coffees and teas, estate coffees and teas, and select cooperative coffees guarantees access to quality coffees and teas from a wide range of growing regions.
  • Our ecosystems need to be protected and offsetting carbon with efficient monitoring and verifying is a key element in protecting our environment. 

Staying true with our values and our philosophy, we want to do our part to reduce the impact our business has on climate change.

Earth Plus Certified Business

We are taking on climate change by having transformed our workforce into an Earth Positive Team. An Earth Positive Team goes beyond business offsetting. We are offsetting the carbon footprint from each one of our staff members, including their personal emissions from their home, travel, shopping, food and even more! We include business travel offsets as standard.

Our Earth Plus Offsets regenerate some of the world's most rare ecosystems, including mangroves in the Sundarbans, the rainforests in Costa Rica and the cloud forests in the Himalayas.

Pachama Logo

We also have established a partnership with Pachama which allows us to neutralize the shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. What that means for you, you are now supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping with your order at Tico Coffee Roasters.

We are offsetting the total emissions generated by our shipped orders and offset them by contributing to acquiring carbon credits for forest protection initiatives to neutralize the impact. This will make every order shipped carbon neutral.

earthbanc logo

In addition we have teamed up with earthbanc, the worlds first green digital banking & investment platform, and offer earthcart where with the click of a button at the checkout, you can add your additional support for tree planting and clean energy projects with clear and transparent information on your impact.


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