Eco Responsibility

Eco Responsibility

Since the start, Tico Coffee Roasters has maintained a commitment to eco responsibility and sustainability. As a result, over 75% of our coffees and teas are Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or some combination of all three. We support each of these three certifications and believe strongly in an inclusive approach to buying that accommodates the true diversity of growing conditions. We also believe everyone can make an impact in protecting our environment. As such we have taken on initiatives that make our business carbon neutral.

Tico Coffee Roasters is following these principles:

  • Quality leads to sustainability; to ensure quality the necessary premiums must be paid.
  • Each type of certification has value and is a testament to the improved conditions in which a certified coffee is produced, thus increasing the chances of a quality yield.
  • An inclusive, informed approach to sourcing coffee and tea that embraces certified coffees and teas, estate coffees and teas, and select cooperative coffees guarantees access to quality coffees and teas from a wide range of growing regions.
  • Our ecosystems need to be protected and offsetting carbon with efficient monitoring and verifying is a key element in protecting our environment. 

Staying true to our values and our philosophy, we want to do our part to reduce the impact our business has on climate change.

EcoCart Carbon Neutral Certified Business

As we continue to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources toward our values to maximize the positive impact of our products. At Tico Coffee Roasters, we have long held the conviction that we can be both a great business and a great corporate citizen. In fact, we believe we cannot be one without the other.

Corporate social responsibility is cemented in Tico Coffee Roasters’ DNA because our people believe deeply in making the world a better place.

What is Tico Coffee Roasters Doing?

The climate crisis is massive, complicated, and overwhelming. So, it’s often hard to know what we can do about our carbon footprint.

We are taking a stand and doing something about it. We are one of the few e-commerce brands to offset 100% of our carbon emissions from shipping. This achievement is the result of an effort to measure our global footprint in accordance with international certification standards, coupled with efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

For every one of our items that ships, we now balance it with a positive environmental impact thanks to our partner, EcoCart. The full environmental impact of getting your favorite Tico Coffee Roasters products to your door is completely neutralized.

EcoCart Sustainable Shopping and Carbon Neutral Orders

This initiative comes at no additional cost to our customers. It simply comes with the satisfaction of knowing that shopping at Tico Coffee Roasters means making a positive impact on the planet.

So now you’ll know when a Tico Coffee Roasters package arrives at your door, you’ll get something you love and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world.

Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga (BCBM) project

The Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga (BCBM) project is an avoided deforestation project on the Pacific coast of Colombia. It protects and restores an area of land the size of the city of Austin, Texas. This project is next to a major growing metropolitan area, making its protection all the more critical and urgent. The BCBM project exists in one of the cloudiest and rainiest areas of the world, receiving over twenty-two feet of rain per year, which also makes it a very unique ecosystem where flora and fauna thrive. Thanks to enormous annual rainfall and the topographic diversity, the project is incredibly biodiverse with 831 bird species, 195 amphibians, 167 mammals, 210 reptiles, and 5124 plant species.

The BCBM project has achieved the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity certification from Verra to represent its positive impacts on the community and wildlife.

Just the Beginning

At Tico Coffee Roasters, we are committed to slowing the effects of climate change, one order at a time.

Carbon offsets are a starting point—an immediate way to reduce our impact. Even though this is a moment to celebrate, we think that it’d be even better if we didn’t emit any carbon in the first place. To achieve this, we’re working to develop projects in our own supply chain that will reduce our emissions directly.

The Power of Us

The Power of Us

Our work isn’t done for another important reason. No matter how much progress we continue to make on our own footprint, Tico Coffee Roasters’ footprint is actually quite small. The effects of climate change are magnified far beyond Tico Coffee Roasters itself.

The only way we can truly begin to reverse the effects of climate change is if everyone does their part.

What can you do?

  1. First, focus on the energy efficiency of your home. Efficiency is also the easiest way to save money. Program your thermostat. Check-in with your own utility and see if they offer rebates on LED light bulbs, efficient appliances, upgraded insulation, or other cost-effective upgrades like efficient water fixtures. Ask your utility if they offer a home energy audit.
  2. If you own a house, installing solar might make financial sense for you. In some cases, you can install solar with no upfront cost while lowering your energy bill each month. In a few areas, you can buy into a community solar array that isn’t even on your property. If solar doesn’t work for your house or you live in an apartment or condo, ask your utility company if they offer a residential green power program. Many do with simple, reasonable terms.
  3. Find brands with legitimate sustainability initiatives. Whether it’s with carbon-neutral products, a sustainable supply chain, recycled materials, or eco-friendly packaging, we should all do our best to limit the carbon footprint of the products we buy.
  4. Challenge yourself to drive less and bike more. Riding your bike forces you to utilize your own muscle power. You’ll get a workout all while helping the environment. Plus, it requires much less energy to produce a bike than it does to manufacture a car. If you can’t bike to work for whatever reason, take public transportation. It puts fewer cars on the road, which reduces the amount of exhaust filling the air at once.
  5. Opt for reusable bottles, bags, and anything else that you usually use once then throw away. If that’s not an option, make sure to properly recycle any plastic, paper, glass, or metal that comes into your life.

If we all do our part by changing our daily habits and making sustainable swaps, supporting companies that care about their impact on the Earth, and advocating for the future we deserve, we can effect real change in the world.