Mariana Faerron

Mariana Faerron

Growing up in Costa Rica in the province of Heredia, the heart of the coffee lands and surrounded by coffee plantations Mariana Faerron has set out to share her passion and love for coffee with the world. The CEO and co-founder of Tico Coffee Roasters was raised with the fragrant aroma of the coffee flowers in May and the smell of ripe coffee cherries from November to February during the harvest season. She has been exposed to coffee since she was a little girl and since then has built her career in Costa Rica as an Agricultural Economist before she moved to the US.

“I have been drinking coffee since my childhood memories! I still can remember standing next to my grandma, when she brewed the coffee and enjoying the smell as well as the distinct taste. I was so much looking forward to enjoy the fresh cup of coffee with the typical biscuits. Coffee has always been a part of my life.”

Mariana is responsible for company strategy, sales leadership and growth. Social responsibility and sustainability are the key cornerstones of her strategy and with her agricultural background in Costa Rica, she is destined to deliver innovations in procuring, brewing, sales and business practices.

Mariana is a Tica (Tico / Tica is a colloquial term for a native of Costa Rica) and a proud Latina, who has fulfilled the American dream - building a successful business. It is very uncommon, to be an woman coming from a coffee producing country, and roasting coffee from the homelands. But for her it is an honor to share the different tastes of “Grand Cru” specialty coffee as well as the many memories and experiences, she has gained in Costa Rica.

“Tico Coffee Roasters” is named to honor the heritage of Costa Rican coffee growers and to reflect the origins of Mariana and her coffees.