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Apple Strudel Fruit Tea Blend - Tico Coffee Roasters

Apple Strudel Fruit Tea Blend

$ 13.00

Our fruit creation is spicy and fruity with a deliciously creamy aftertaste. Just like the freshly served, steaming apple strudel from Vienna. In this expressive blend the air-dried apple pieces and strong cinnamon pieces are responsible for the treat it offers both, the palate and the eyes. The large portion of cream flavor rounds the taste off softly and gives this blend the typical apple strudel taste.

Ingredients: apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, hibiscus pieces, almond pieces, rose hip peel, elderberries, currants, black currant, flavoring

Package Size: 3.5 oz Tin (serves about 40 to 60 cups)

Steeping Suggestions:
Temperature: 203F to 212F
Time: 10 to 12 minutes
Measurement: 1 to 2 level teaspoon(s) / 6 oz serving

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