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Flying Dragon
David Z. (Tequesta, Florida, United States)
Flying Dragon Scores

I tried this coffee based on your recommendation and it delivered the goods. A tad stronger than your typical bean but very well rounded, robust and very flavorful.

Will buy again.

Costa Rica Finca San Luis
Peter I. (Redwood City, California, United States)

Love your coffees! So glad we switched to you for our home subscription.

The Watertower Decaf
A. (San Jose, California, United States)
Great company but boring decaf

Big chocolate taste but not a big coffee taste. I’m new to needing decaf only, and trying to find bold flavor and decaf is hard. I do like that this is water processed, but it doesn’t have any more flavor than a $6 bag at the grocery store.

Hi A.,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for The Watertower Decaf. We appreciate your feedback and apologize that our decaf did not meet your expectations in terms of flavor.

We understand that finding bold flavor in decaf can be a challenge, but we are constantly working on improving our products to provide the best taste possible. We are glad that you appreciate the water processing method used in our decaf.

We would love to hear more about your taste preferences and offer some recommendations that may better suit your palate. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for further assistance.

Thank you for choosing The Watertower Decaf and we hope to have the opportunity to provide you with a more satisfying experience in the future.

Tico Coffee Roasters

Highly recommended!

This coffee is truly something special! It has a honey flavor that is so different than any other coffee I've ever had. I love it! I brewed it pour over style with a splash of cream but black would be good too. You really can't go wrong with this one!

The coffee was good but I didn't find the date of roasting. I couldn't get my recipe of double the weight of ground coffee in 25 to 30 seconds. I suppose that was roasted more than four weeks ago. Be more transparent and stamp the date of roasting on the package

Hi Amilcar,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a 4-star review for our Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti! We're pleased to hear that you enjoyed it overall. At Tico, we aim to provide high-quality, truly unique coffee flavors for our customers to enjoy.
Regarding your concern of the roast date, all our coffees ship freshly roasted typically within one to three days after roasting from our Roastery. We have not been putting roast dates on the coffees that ship from our Roastery as they are always freshly roasted and by the time they arrive at the final destination should be perfect for brewing.
But we will take your feedback and will see how we can incorporate this in our production process.
Thank you and again we are glad you enjoyed the coffee,
Best, Tico Coffee Roasters.

Cafe de Olla
Carlos C.
Highly recommended!

Great flavor

Great service, excellent coffee!

We shared with the giftee how Tico Coffee Roasters thoughtfully sources their beans for his Single Origin subscription. He was impressed, now he's really looking forward to receiving his subsciption shipments!

Very tasty!!

The natural process is such a good and different taste from your typical bean. Would definitely recommend!

Tico Coffee Roasters Demitasse - Set of 2
G. C.F. (Orange Park, Florida, United States)

Tiny, artful, makes me smile!!

Cafe de Olla
rick d.p.

I love the taste of cinnamon in it! It tastes great just as it is! I add nothing to it!

this tastes nothing like the La Minita from Coffe Bean. I was surprised there a citrus aftertaste...

The shipping service and packaging are well executed. Too bad the coffee did not meet my expectations.

Hi Thomas,
We're sorry to hear our Costa Rica La Minita didn't hit the spot for you. At Tico, the satisfaction of our coffee lovers is what we strive for.
Every coffee roaster will roast the coffee beans differently and so the results you will find even with similar coffees will vary. In our roasts, we are highlighting some very specific flavors the coffees offer and the La Minita has some very unique chocolate flavors with a hint of orange and citrus acidity. Our roast is likely lighter than what you are used to and as such these citrus flavors will shine through, while in a darker roast, they will disappear.
Thanks for your feedback!
Best, Tico Coffee Roasters.

Black Tiger
Sandeep M.



Cafe de Olla
Lloydine E.

It was a surprise Chistmas gift for a friend who loves your coffee.

Purchased as a gift for my daughter. We both like it.

Bought as a gift for my daughter. It's quite tasty, and tastes a lot like coffee. I know that sounds odd, but many coffees don't have that classic coffee flavor.


Exceptional coffee!!


Black Tiger
Joy K.
didn't expect whole beans

Probably tastes good, but I didn't realize they are whole beans & I don't have a grinder

Hi Joy,
Thank you for your review. We're sorry for any confusion - you had ordered the Black Tiger as a whole-bean coffee and we did not know you did not have a grinder. We would be happy to grind the coffee for you. If you are in the Campbell area the next time stop by our Roastery and we will grind it for you and your specific coffee preparation method.
Best, Tico Coffee Roasters.

Have not had a chance to try yet!

It came very quickly.


Very pleasant tea! A bit different but definitely good!

It worked well.

The Watertower Decaf
Antoinette A.

Highly recommended!